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Intelligent solution for buying and selling  Search, InText, Display, and Mobile advertising across devices is Easy. Learn more about how AdventureFeeds works with:

  • Monetize your search Inventory at the highest level

    Premium PPC results through first hand search engines and wide range of direct advertisers

    hitting all verticals.

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  • In site targeted monetization.

    Match the user with the most relevant PPC ads, for a high CTR.

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  • Dynamic bidding system for Pop Inventory.

    Target your audience by a specific bid and KW per a single impression.

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  • Top of the line mistype Domain zero click traffic.

    Choose from millions of domains to target.

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  • In – App and Mobile web traffic across all OS.

    Over 50 million interstitials and mobile web pops to bid on a CPV basis.

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All types of traffic to
meet your Goals


Easy to use self serve platform

Extended targeting

Search , Pop and In text traffic converting high TQ traffic.

Search XML Feeds

Real Time Bidding allows our inventory to be purchased by the individual impression through the AdventureFeeds bidding system that unfolds with the ability to quickly add new feeds on request.

Pop Ups Mobile&Desktop

Full-screen mobile ads and Desktop CPV traffic.

Advertisers enjoy great ROI using our unique Self Serve platform every day.


InText ads are activated by the end-user and can expand to reveal more details when a user hovers their mouse over the link.

Try our traffic and get maximum results!


Start monetizing your
traffic today through
targeted advertising.


Worldwide Coverage

Real time Reporting

Brand advertising

XML Search Feeds

Increase your site revenue by integrating our sponsored XML feed and engaging your visitors through a traditional search box.

We are working with premium partners which mean our publishers getting paid for outstanding CPC results.

Pop Ups/Unders

Pop-Unders are exactly what they sound like. These ads will literally "pop under" or open in a new window behind the browser so as not to distract from the user's browsing experience. This is a great way to get a high quality ad in front of users to be viewed at their leisure.

Display & Converting Mobile Inventory

Graphical Banners give you the ability to use images, rich media, and text to advertise your business and reach new customers. Target based on country, vertical, time of day, keyword, OS, device, and even ISP and language.

About Us

AdventureFeeds Media is a premium global XML search Network and display advertising company. We specialize in providing search engine technology, online search syndication, display/video and mobile re-targeted advertising.

At our core we are a digital agency with a focus on combining the latest in technology with high-end digital communications. We believe in being
transparent and direct. Our team of digital experts simplify the process to craft digital user centric experiences across websites, eCommerce, mobile
applications and social media campaigns.


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