Traffic solution for Affiliates, Media Buyers, Lead Generators, & Networks


What We Do?

AdventureFeeds is a real time bidding (RTB) Ad Exchange offering advertisers an easy access to high volumes of premium quality traffic.

Our user-friendly self-serve interface allows for quick campaign set ups, advanced targeting and minute optimization.

AdventureFeeds has rapidly grown one of the largest ad networks in the industry. Every single day we serve over 100 million non-incentivized users from more than 195 countries, whether on the web or through their mobile devices.

Our advertisers have direct access to over 100 000 of the world’s premium publishers, enabling true global reach for your advertising campaign. Our proprietary platform is the envy of our competitors. It delivers dynamic and seamless ad delivery for campaigns both large and small, with multi-level targeting that finds the users that will make the most difference to your brand.

Running a successful campaign has never been so easy!